Podcast Studio Time

Podcast studio rental includes:

  • Space for up to four people on site (more guests can be added via video chat) with state of the art professional grade audio gear.
  • Studios can be rented hourly or in blocks.
  • Simple video and streaming capabilities available as an added value.

Podcast Launch

We will coach you through all the steps it takes to launch your podcast:

  • Create your artwork/show logo
  • Professionally produced show open and close
  • Music beds
  • Create an RSS Feed
  • Get listed on Apple Podcast Google, Sticher and all major outlets, and much more...

Podcast Coaching and Consulting

Coaching includes all the services in the launch plus we will help with:

  • Show notes
  • Episode titles
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Best practices for successful podcast
  • Customization to your goals and objectives

Reliability, Flexibility, Convenience

You can count on our team to make things work for your when you need it and how you need to have it happen.

Remote Recording

Want to take the show on the road? The PodcastYourVoice team is fully capable of recording on site in stores, offices, meetings, bars and much more...

Man Cave Happy Hour On the Road

Get in here and make some noise...

Start now. Don't wait. Take action. The best way to get started is to get started. That's what we're here for.

Rate Sheet

Rates as of June 1, 2023:

  • Startup cost: $150. This initial charge covers the startup costs required for a show’s setup and creation.
  • $95/hour weekly at a regular time
  • $125/hour any other cadence at a regular time
  • $145 Floating time and day.
  • Provided for that fee:
    • Studio with 4 mics and headphones.
    • Audio control personnel to set mics and capture audio
    • Audio Recording trimmed at start and finish,
    • Then processed for crisp sound, well balanced, and matched to industry best practices for Loudness and True Peak.
    • Video chat via Streamyard to connect remote guests.
    • Hosting fees via Buzzsprout with all statists and analytics available to host.
    • Files posted and pushed to listening directories.
  • Show cancelation in writing and confirmed at least 48 hours advance: no charge.
  • Show cancelation in writing and confirmed at least 24 hours, but less than 48 in advance: 1 standard hour at Show’s hourly rate will be charged.
  • No call / no show, or cancelation within 24 hours: full charge for time at Show’s rate.
  • $25 maintenance fee if you are not recording in a given month.
  • Audio Transcription: $100 up to one hour
  • $75 Light post production up to one hour (laying in music beds, commercial spots, or editing Large gaps).
  • $125 Post production up to one hour (cleaning ums, pops, noise, gaps, adding music beds or spots).
  • $75 Writing Show notes and keywords optimized for SEO.

Remote Broadcasts

  1. Remote broadcasts are available only using our equipment and engineers.
  2. You will be charged a $125 fee for use of the gear for shows within 15 minutes of our location. Beyond that will be charged $250.
  3. You will also be charged your normal studio time cost for use of the gear.
  4. There is a two-hour minimum required for all remote broadcasts.